Letter: Hype needs to end to find answers for gun control

Lately, some letters regarding gun control have supported the Second Amendment, and some opposed it.

In all cases, emotions run high. For any meaningful discussion and resolution of the issue, both sides must lower the hype and show respect for differing opinions.

The Second Amendment was established to provide citizens a way to protect themselves from government and each other. The Founding Fathers knew any government, even as they considered establishing this new and untested republic, could subjugate its people, unless they (the militia) could defend themselves. The Founding Fathers, unlike many today, were students of history.

As governments restrict citizens' right to own firearms, crime increases. In his book, "More Guns, Less Crime," John Lott proves that fact. Abolishing the Second Amendment is not the answer. Citizens need the right to protect themselves

However, there can be little doubt that certain people should not have access to firearms.


Neither President Barack Obama nor Gov. Mark Dayton have proposed any worthwhile suggestions to deal with the problem.

It's time to stop the name-calling and bring together people truly interested in resolving this problem. It's in all our interests to resolve this.

If neither federal nor state politicians are willing to deal with this, I'd suggest we begin locally.

We know what the problems is. Let's stop the hype and get down to business.

Dave Von


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