Letter: It's time to take a look at the global history of wall building

Trust me, we need to build a wall.

In 122 CE, Roman Emperor Hadrianof Britannia built a wall to keep out unkempt barbarians. They wear short plaid skirts! The wall was built from coast to coast. The first time a Roman guard was offered a bottle of scotch, he let the gate down.

In 1400 CE, over the next 300 years, the Great Wall was built to keep out the hoards. They only slowed down to gaze at the wall over their shoulder.

In 1916 CE, Kaiser Wilhelm II, built the Siegfried (West Wall) to keep those guys with their wooden shoes out of the way. The Allies didn't even stop to read the neat sign listing the contractors that built the wall.

In 1942 CE, Adolph Hitler, said, Germany needed to build a wall along the coast of France (Atlantic Wall) to keep those dummkopfs out of the father land. The GIs overran it in a couple days.


In 1961 CE, the Kremlin, built a wall to keep capitalists in West Berlin from going into East Berlin and messing up their smooth running utopia. That wall? Well, you know.

The difference between all these walls and the one being talked about now is, this one will be the biggest, the best, the most heavily guarded in history. Trust me on this one!

Karl Dirksen


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