Letter: Joining union as food service worker offers stronger voice

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I was one of the Sodexo food service workers at Mayo Clinic who voted to join the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota union. I've worked at Mayo for 16 years, and I hope this step will mean we can maintain working conditions so I can work at Mayo until I retire.

We are excited to be unifying our voices, especially with the current plan to outsource all of our work to Morrison sometime next year. Joining together with the 350 Mayo food service workers who are already members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota will mean that we will be stronger in our fight to make food service at Mayo Clinic successful for us as workers, the patients and staff we serve, and our whole community.

Like all of the food service workers who are currently facing this controversial decision, our group simply wants Mayo Clinic to hold true to its word that food service jobs will be good jobs. We know our work is crucial to making Mayo great. This is why it has been so frustrating over the last few months as Mayo has pushed through their decision.

It feels good to know that not only are we stronger within our new unit, but we are officially part of the larger fight to push back against any steps that would move Rochester in the wrong direction.

John Predmore



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