Letter: Lack of nonpolitical attire could keep voter from casting a ballot

I recently tried to vote early and filled out the necessary paperwork. Attempting to get my ballot, I was told I would have to go to the mens room and turn my T-shirt inside out because with Donald Trump's picture on the front. It was illegal.

I did not wish to comply, so I left without voting. Arriving at home, I looked through all of my shirts — "Proud to be an American," "Home of the free because of the brave," "USA," "America, the beautiful," and so on — and I realized that all of my shirts support and stand for Donald Trump and would therefore be illegal to vote in.

So, I had one last shirt that reads "Support our troops," but with the Benghazi spectacle that would be anti-Hillary Clinton and anti-President Obama. So, I will wait until November and try to vote shirtless.

Bob Loy


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