Letter: Less music in Gonda Building takes away option to reduce stress during visits

It's sad to hear about music limitations in the Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building and that the Gonda Singers would no longer be there.

Actually, I didn't know the group had a name, as sometimes there were different ones there. I thought it was just whoever wanted to sing. I always looked forward to the music.

So, we let the complainers win out over the ones who love it and find a peace in it? It really was a source of peace to me when I'd have something weighing on my mind after seeing one of the doctors, and I'd listen to the music and get comfort.

Always there were people enjoying the music. It was like God was washing away the stress. I know very well stress can do a lot of bad things and I am very prone to stress as many are. Music is calming and takes your mind away from it.

I pray clinic officials s will reconsider the situation and bring the music back to a very central and roomy place, not stuck in some corner where no one knows where they are or can readily hear or see them.


I've been visiting Mayo Clinic since 1942 and return every six months. I've had 110 surgeries performed in Rochester, and I live in Missouri. Without Mayo Clinic I wouldn't be in Rochester.

Carolyn Lawrence

Liberty, Mo.

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