Letter: Majority of bike shop customers are opposed to bike lanes

We are part of The Trust Project.

I attended the Transit Oriented Development open house on April 26. My business is located on Fourth Street Southeast and is affected. As I studied the plans, I was disappointed with what I saw and heard. Streets are meant to move people and product efficiently. Narrowing traffic lanes, creating center boulevards, eliminating on-street parking and creating bike lanes would not help. Furthermore, restricting future small business development with demands of a first-floor minimum ceiling height of 14 feet and disallowing auto-repair shops and drive-through banks and restaurants is wrong.

Rochester has a world-class bike trail system accessing almost all of the city, and bicyclists already have legal right to half of the roadway. Over 99 percent of all bicycles are only ridden for six months, and existing bike lanes aren’t used enough to justify their existence — and when they cross traffic lanes, like the one on Silver Lake Drive, you have an accident waiting to happen.

The majority of the customers at my bicycle shop are opposed to bike lanes. They want bike trails.

This is precisely why I am campaigning for the 1st Ward seat. I live with these issues daily. Currently, no one on our city council nor my opponents own commercial real estate or rental property or make payroll like I do. It makes a difference.

Paul Myhrom, Rochester

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