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Letter: Musical standards on KNXR Radio will be missed in Rochester and beyond

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Today (Jan. 31) is a sad day for Rochester; KNXR Radio 97.5 went off the air for good, but not for better.

I worked at KNXR as an engineer in the '90s, and it taught me a lot. Not only did I gain a fluency in the music known as "standards," I also lost my generational arrogance: the notion that new things (in this case, music) are better than what went before.

We're losing what John Doremus called "the quality spot on your radio dial," a place of quality, decorum and beauty. We're losing a friend, one that always considered it a privilege to be invited into listeners' homes. Announcers like Dave Frogner, Roy Achter and Charlie Smart became daily companions to thousands throughout the years and will be sorely missed.

KNXR is one of a handful of easy-listening stations in the country, and an excellent one at that — one that cast a huge shadow. Listeners from north of the Twin Cities and well into Iowa and Wisconsin could hear KNXR's crystal-clear signal. Owner Tom Jones was a stickler for professionalism and audio fidelity. It was the best-sounding station I've ever heard. It's something unique to Rochester, and Rochester will be a worse place with it gone.

Thanks to Tom Jones and his group for blessing Rochester with nearly five decades of beautiful sounding music.


Alex Todd


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