Letter: New EPA clean water rule needed to protect Minnesota's water

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As an owner of two businesses along the Upper Mississippi River, I applaud the administration for its efforts to keep these vital waterways healthy for fish and waterfowl and safe for Minnesota residents to drink, as mentioned in the June 13 Post-Bulletin editorial.

EPA's proposed clean water rule will restore protections to 600 miles of streams and thousands of acres of wetlands in Minnesota. Unfortunately, while the rule is a critical step, the fight for clean water is far from over. Legislation in both houses of Congress could kill this rule, putting Minnesota's waters in peril.

The clean water rule restores protections for wetlands providing vital habitat for fish and wildlife and supplying drinking water to 1 in 3 Americans, including almost 1 million Minnesotans. Minnesota's outdoor recreation economy brings in $12.5 billion a year, representing 11 percent of private sector jobs. This is not a number to ignore.

Minnesota's senators must play a critical role in protecting our water. While Sen. Al Franken has supported clean water protections in the past, it is less clear where Sen. Amy Klobuchar stands. To sustain eco-tourism movement in Minnesota, we need both senators' continued support.

We come onto this land not to abide by the laws of man, but to learn from those designed by Mother Nature and abide by natural laws through observation, participation and education.


Richie Mann

St. Paul

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