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Letter: 'New' lines on street have worn off

We are part of The Trust Project.

I am seeing a concerning new problem on 41st Street Northwest, where lanes were changed and bike lanes were added in recent years. Specifically, I am referring to the stretch of road between West River Parkway and Highway 52.

Instead of removing the old lane marking lines, those lines were covered (painted?) over. Unfortunately, the paint over has greatly worn off and now I see both the old and new lines, which creates confusion for drivers unfamiliar with this roadway, especially during night and wet-road driving. I also notice much of the newer lines for bike lanes have worn severely and are not even visible in large stretches now.

I am not at all a fan of the changes made on that road or similar changes on other Rochester roads. If we are going to have such changes though, they need to be done reliably and not in a way that wears off like this, making the roads more dangerous than either the prior lane design or the present lane design.

The rush to making the change there resulted in shoddy work. I wonder how pervasive this is around town. On 41st Street, I have never seen a bike in a bike lane in 2-3 years since the lanes were added. I rode my bike along this stretch today and I rode on the sidewalk, as I will not risk my life in one of those bike lanes.

Raymond Hicks,Rochester

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