Letter: Overriding Houston County term limits sends the wrong message

Bryan VanGorp
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No matter how bad you think it is, it is worse.

Even those of us who are cynical about Houston County government were appalled by the actions of county commissioners Judy Storlie, Steve Schuldt and Teresa Walter at the board meeting on Dec. 22.

Just two years ago, the Houston County Board voted unanimously to have term limits for the county's planning commission. Three terms of three years each was to be the limit and then a person would have to sit out an entire term before being able to serve again. At the Dec. 22 meeting, these three commissioners voted to reinstall Glenn Kruse for a sixth term.

Why did this happen when there were five other highly qualified candidates to choose from, one of them an attorney? There are two reasons: Kruse is in favor of frac-sand mining, and Kruse has a long history of enabling and covering up the lack of enforcement of the ordinances in this county.

This is a clear attempt by these three commissioners to not allow progress in bringing the planning and zoning processes into compliance with state statutes and county ordinances. They not only want to enable malfeasant behavior; they are determined not to allow it to be fixed.


Bryan Van Gorp


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