Letter: Path forward on health care must involve compromise

Health care continues to be a divisive political topic. However, the positions of the two sides are becoming clearer: conservatives want to leave heath care financing to the marketplace, while liberals want to regulate health care financing to ensure coverage for all. Conservatives argue for a free market, while liberals argue government is responsibility to care for all citizens. Conservatives claim we can’t afford to cover everyone. Liberals claim we are wealthy enough for universal coverage.

Who will the conservatives choose not to serve?

No matter how polarized the controversy may seem, undoubtedly the solution will need to be a hybrid, taking the best of private incentive and government regulation. For example, even with Affordable Care Act regulations, most health care is still provided privately. Regrettably, we know how the free market approach worked before the ACA regulations, expensive emergency room visits providing the only access for medical care for some.

Around the world, there are many working systems for high quality, efficient, affordable, and universal health care. Dan Feehan, a candidate for 1st District U.S. House seat, is committed to affordable health care for all, and remains committed to learning from these other successful systems. Such an approach will strengthen the exchanges and make basic medical care more available and affordable for all.

Stephen Troutman,Rochester

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