Letter: Post-Bulletin columnists provide a break from the tragic headlines

If in his Dec. 2 letter, William French was criticizing any or all of these columnists — Mychal Wilmes, Steve Lange of Oddchester, Jen Koski, Loren Else or John Weiss — I want to defend all of them. I read them all religiously and find them entertaining, informative and, yes, educational.

Wilmes excels in nostalgic stories, and I enjoy Oddchester's knee-slapping humor, Jen Koski's insight on her family and her participation in many Rochester events and John Weiss' nature reporting and byways. Loren Else' recent column revealed his wife had a cranial tumor removed by the Mayo Clinic, and he commented on the perfect and compassionate staff at the hospital.

Perhaps there is rarely an Earth-shaking or seismic revelation in their columns, but we certainly need an antidote to the everyday tragedies in our headlines and news items.

Robert J. "Jim" Buehler

Dodge Center

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