Letter: Recent legislation helps address state's growing long-term care needs

Minnesota's long-term care providers have been facing severe staffing shortages, challenging financial shortfalls, and many have had to limit admissions to their buildings because of lack of staffing. At times, this has prohibited Minnesota's seniors to receive the services they have needed.

The Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Mark Dayton recently have passed a significant long-term care payment reform bill. The new payment model creates a cost-based reimbursement system that closes the gap in funding and meets today's need and tomorrow's demand for innovative, quality care. This legislation will put providers in a better position to recruit and retain much needed staff with enhanced funding that will allow us to offer improved compensation.

Long-term care payment reform was the only solution to ensure our fast growing senior population will receive the quality services they will need. Senior care providers soon will be in an improved operating environment where this can be accomplished. All of us involved within the Minnesota long-term care industry are extremely grateful that this legislation has passed.

Mark S. Noble


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