Letter: Rep. Liebling was wrong about the Affordable Care Act and MNsure

In 2013, Minnesota State Rep. Tina Liebling wrote: "President Obama wanted all Americans to have affordable health coverage regardless of income or pre-existing conditions. He believes, as I do, that, 'in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one should go broke just because they get sick.'"

Liebling got her wish: With MNsure's price-gouging premiums, an inevitable result of the "Affordable" Care Act, Minnesotans no longer have to get sick to go broke: All they have to do now is pay the fourth-highest medical insurance premiums in the U.S.

Liebling also wrote then, "I will keep working to improve our system so everyone has access to high-quality, affordable health care." But here are the facts: Tina Liebling and her husband, Mayo Clinic physician Mark Liebow, who incidentally is the former DFL chairman for Senate District 26, are directly responsible for hitting the middle and working classes in the wallets, delivering nothing on their promise that Obamacare would make health care affordable.

When you have to choose between health insurance and food or paying the gas bill, then you have not only broken your promise, you've made hard-working people pay for your hobby of wrecking their lives.

And now, the DFL are running attack ads trying to scare voters out of voting for Republicans like Dave Senjem, Fran Bradley and Carla Nelson.


Physician, heal thyself.

Mike Pruett


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