Letter: Research for proposed Zip Rail study is a waste of taxpayer money

We now know the extent of the spending by the Olmsted County Commissioners under the guise of the Olmsted County Rail Authority in the studies of the Zip Rail project. This was published in the Post-Bulletin on Dec. 4.

Again, it is a waste of Minnesota taxpayer money. So, we are just going to hand over the fruits of our county labor — read: the expenditure of $1.3 million taxpayer for a project doomed to fail — to this unknown entity, North American High Speed Rail Group, to use as they please. Free? If they want it, they must pay for it.

We should not be obligated to give them any information Olmsted County has compiled on the subject of Zip Rail, including any Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement. Thankfully, it sounds as if this project study is being shut down.

Terry Yust


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