Letter: Sauke is candidate who can serve constituents rather than party

As a retired American government teacher, I encounter former students who ask for my thoughts on events or personalities in the political news. Lately, most ask for thoughts about various candidates.

As in the classroom, I often answer with questions, starting with "What do you want to see in a candidate?"

I share my questions as well. First, we have a complex form of government, so I ask whether the candidate truly understands what the office actually is responsible for — are its responsibilities local, state or national, and is it legislative of executive?

I also ask about an individual's character traits and skills, not just moral positives but also problem-solving and group-interaction skills.

Most important to me, does the candidate appear to be locked into one party's set of answers? In our democratic society, I believe each elected official must function as one person with a larger group, all of whom must be able to see multiple sides of arguments in order to reach solutions that provide the greatest good for the greatest number.


After all, once in office, this person represents all constituents, not only those in his or her party.

This year, I have a candidate who I believe measures up to those standards. Duane Sauke is on the ballot for Minnesota House District 25B, and I recommend him.

Dallas Glaser


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