Letter: Schools must provide students with tools and skills needed in today's marketplace

A May 14 letter questioned the wisdom or necessity of providing students with iPads. I hope subsequent pictures of students using iPads for test-taking will allay her doubts.

This is the 21st century, and our schools must provide students with the ability to use the tools of today's marketplace to be able to find employment, perhaps as soon as they leave high school.

I went to high school in the post-depression World War II era. In addition to the essentials — math, English, science, history and languages — there were classes in auto mechanics, woodworking, mechanical drawing, bookkeeping, shorthand and typing. Most students did not go on to college, but they were well equipped to find a job.

In addition to the necessities, we could choose among girl's chorus, mixed chorus, band, orchestra, art and perspective drawing. For many, this may have been their only exposure to these subjects.

Physical education and swimming were mandatory all four years. Being able to swim the length of the pool was a graduation requirement.


Not only am I in favor of a "yes" vote on a referendum, but from my perspective, we are not adequately providing for all students needs. Many will go to college to further their educations, but many will not, and most of them will be ill equipped to find employment providing an adequate middle-class wage.

Jane M. Scanlon


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