Letter: There was no vendetta in decision to cut Pine Island administrator post

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Nick Novak Pine Island Council

I made the motion to eliminate the Pine Island city administrator position to save taxpayers a whole lot of money, and it did. We also changed the city code to give the powers of the city administrator to the elected mayor, thus giving the power back to the people of Pine Island.

I believe the boss needs to be the mayor as they did when this town was founded instead of an administrator. That way everyone in town has a voice when it comes time to vote. If the mayor serves the people well, that elected mayor gets voted in for another term. If not, the people vote in someone that will.

Pine Island has done better since the administrator position was cut. I was pleased to be a part of a council that assisted two new businesses coming to town and numerous improvements.

I never ran on a platform of "change." That was President Obama's line. My platform was printed on the side of my van as a very clear agenda — "It's time for all new leadership at city hall" — and the people of Pine Island responded by a landslide.

There was no vendetta. The people spoke loud and clear at the voting booth, They wanted new leadership. The numbers speak for themselves.


Nick Novak


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