Letter: Timing of meetings between neighbors and developers is important

A misconception was included in an Aug. 18 article regarding text amendments on neighborhood involvement in local development.

The third amendment recommended the neighborhood meetings occur before submission of plans to Planning and Zoning, not before the earlier pre-development meeting. This error occurred in the Aug. 12 Planning and Zoning Commission hearing before being corrected, but fear of meeting too early was key to opposition. Several Rochester Area Builders members spoke against most amendments, and the third amendment was denied.

As the Historic Southwest Neighborhood Association president, I have engaged in several discussions with developers, architects and owners of potential projects. The biggest problem for all neighborhood groups is being brought into the development process too late — after the plans are too far along to effect changes.

We do not claim to act as architects or developers, nor do we have money or skin in the game, but we do have concerns for our environs and the effects on the community at large.

The developers would benefit by early input so they could incorporate some of our suggestions into the application, if desired. The city council benefits knowing the views have been discussed rather than being dragged into public hearings.


We hope to build a foundation of respect and understanding so the "new Rochester" benefits our whole community.

Please consider speaking with your council person about this issue.

Nancy Slocumb


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