Letter writer: Move along drinking, smoking loiterers

Here's a letter I received today from an anonymous reader who's fed up with loitering near downtown Rochester, across the street from the Post-Bulletin Parking lot...

One only has to frequent the area along 1st Ave. NE from Center St. to 1st St. NE, especially on weekdays, from, lets say, 10AM until 5PM. The Salvation Army offers a free lunch, on weekdays, at 11:50 AM.  There's  much traffic, of all kinds, especially during these times.

Aside from the traffic, there's individuals seated on the left side of 1st Ave. (from Center St. to 1st Ave. NE) on benches, just east of the railroad tracks, openly drinking alcoholic beverages, loitering in cars, or loitering on the sidewalks.

Or,  like I experienced, while walking south on 1st Ave. NE,  on Friday, 10/28,  just after lunch at the Salvation Army, between there and the Civic Hotel, someone exhaled marijuana in my face.

Anyone living at the Civic Hotel who needs to smoke should do so on the east side of their building (period.) Anyone loitereing between the Civic Hotel and the Salvation Army during weekday lunches should be told move along, please!)

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