Letter: Young people give voice to need for gun law reform

In the Feb. 19 Post Bulletin, there were three original poems written by our youth: Harmanpreet Kaur, Sydney Holets and Edna Ahmed. These young women wrote their reflections on compassion as a response to the invitation for our 8th annual Journey of Peace event. Part of this program was naming Rochester as a "City of Compassion."

In the recent events in our country, our youth have been giving voice to the cry for gun law reform. They have become a voice for the voiceless demanding to be heard. I wonder if we as adults are supportive and encouraging our youth to speak about what their truth is shouting? How do we bridge and shed light on the current issues before us?

One of the poems submitted by a Rochester young person challenges me and maybe us: "To be compassionate is to be strong / It is a bridge of healing / Shedding light upon humanity."

How do we continue to live as a City of Compassion? How can we be faithful in joining with our youth in their plea for humanity? We cannot be silent any longer.

Sister Linda Wieser,Rochester

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