Letter: Zip Rail will be deterimental to communities, regardless of funding source

We are part of The Trust Project.

Zip Rail is preposterous. It is a want and not a need.

I am very disappointed in Rep. Pat Garofalo and Rep. Steve Drazkowski, who were against this, but have flip-flopped and are willing to compromise since there is a private investor.

Introducing bills to ensure no public money will ever be used is not enough. The only reasonable option is the no-build option. As Wendy Meadley stated in the March 18 Post-Bulletin, they will no longer work with communities. Rather, they will focus on the possible transformation it will bring.

The only potential transformation for those towns in the path of Zip Rail is to ghost towns. This is not a good thing for any of the communities outside Rochester and the Twin Cities. Everybody else along the path will lose.

I find it hilarious that there is a Nels (Rep. Nels Pierson) involved in this because it reminds me of "Little House on the Prairie." In the series finale, when the train wins and is going to come through town, which none of the townspeople wanted, they took drastic measures. What did they do? They blew up every building in the town because they would have lost everything anyways.


Maybe those of us who live along the corridors should do the same. After all, the transformational impact for these towns would be the same.

Brad Singewald

Cannon Falls

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