It is true that we need our schools to expand as the city grows, and I credit those who are trying to plan ahead to prevent crises and provide information to those of us who will be paying for these improvements. But it appears that they are only presenting part of the issue.

I was sorry to see that on Feb. 12 the PB canceled the Non Sequitur cartoon, which is intended more for adults than children, as are most cartoons in any newspaper.

Many despise President Trump. Let’s see which is the most hate-worthy reason:

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As a swimmer on the Century girls’ swim and dive team, I am proud to say that Century won all of our home meets in the 2018 season. What saddens me is that our team doesn’t really have a home. Century High School has no pool to account for our team’s successes.

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Daley Farms, located in western Winona County, is requesting a variance from the county to increase the number of animal units at their Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) to 5,968 animal units. One animal unit equals one 1,000-pound cow.

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Rochester Area Foundation has been a philanthropic pillar of the community for 75 years. In that time, the Foundation has become a recognized leader in preparing the greater Rochester area for its future challenges, expanding the culture of giving, and galvanizing diverse resources to improv…

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I’m outraged that without any legal assistance, 2-year-old children can appear in immigration court and be required to prove they have a right to be in this country. I’ve assumed that, in America, people had a constitutional right to legal representation. And that’s true, in criminal cases.

I am perplexed that we fail to call a factory farm a factory farm. I am astounded that an already massive Daley dairy operation would ask to increase their animal units by thousands while using a disproportionate share of water. I am dismayed that former Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Co…

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I would like to thank Winona County for protecting its people. By putting a cap on the number of animal units on a single property feedlot, you have demonstrated foresight and resolve. It is imperative that you adhere to the current regulations for the health and safety of our people and env…

It’s a new year, and we have new leaders at the state Capitol. We have an opportunity to forage a new kind of politics, where we work together with elected leaders to ensure every Minnesota family has what’s needed to thrive.

It’s with a heavy heart that I must vote no on the Rochester Public School’s Facilities Referendum Survey because I want more for our future. Like 90 percent of participants in a 2018 Rochester survey, I rate schools as very important to quality of life.

In response to Mr. Woolman’s assessment that the problems in this country are to be blamed on one person — Donald Trump. Social media has sowed the seeds of hatred and vitriol in this country. Many of these politicians and society as a whole are to blame. Trump is the only liar in Washington…

Perhaps we should hit the brakes on the redesign/repurposing of Graham Park — the Olmsted County Fairgrounds — in order to fully and publicly discuss and explore the long-term future of this hallowed ground, donated by the Dr. Christopher Graham family for the future benefit of all Rochester…

How can anyone believe the U.S. economy is doing so well when 800,000 supposedly well-paid government workers are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have more than $400 in savings? Then we hear 78 percent of Americans are doing less than that.

Contrary to President Trump’s fear mongering about illegal immigrants pouring into our country through the southern border to commit violent crimes and bring in drugs (most of which come in through ports of entry), there are multiple studies, including by the Cato Institute (founded by Charl…

The transportation system touches all of our lives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have under-invested in every aspect of the system — roads, bridges, transit, biking, and walking infrastructure — for far too long.