I read the recent letter from Lawrence Clark and his jaw-dropping accusation that the Democrats are to blame for President Trump’s delayed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I won’t speculate about what the president should have done and when, but in no way did the impeachment trial, which the president brought on with his own behavior, inhibit his response to the pandemic.

The impeachment trial ended on Feb. 5, but the president continued to downplay the magnitude and severity of the virus well into March, assuring everyone that it was under control and even calling it a hoax at a campaign rally in late February at which point the virus was already spreading in the U.S. In fact, he held a half dozen campaign rallies throughout February and into early March, and it was also evident that he was finding plenty of time to watch TV and tweet.

The timing of the president’s actions and lack thereof was his own choice.

Carole Mataya, Rochester