How many times can the Post Bulletin and some of the Trump-hating liberal readers beat up on this wonderful, God-fearing man named Mike Pence? First you lead off with a front page headline about him not wearing a facemask, blotting out the reason for his visit to Rochester, which was to recognize the contributions Mayo has made to the battle against COVID-19. And then you can’t let it be, culminating in a recent letter to the editor.

This man led the Coronavirus Task Force, which facilitated providing facemasks, ventilators, hospital beds and many other medical necessities to states, and especially hotspots in need, to fight this deadly virus. Through his leadership in this endeavor, countless lives were saved.

If you watched any of the taskforce daily reports you could see etched on his face and hear in his voice the stress created by this monumental task. He is a good man, and we as a nation are fortunate to have him as our vice president during this challenging time in our great nation's history.

Arlen Books, Rochester

Editor's note: This will be the last letter to the editor concerning this topic.