Rick Morris, Sierra Club, stated that fossil fuel electric generators should be shut down and replaced with "free" solar and wind generation. The January 2019 (polar vortex) proved that these generators are not reliable. Wind had to be shut down to prevent damage, and solar panels were covered with snow. Coal and natural gas plants saved the day.

Germany is big on renewable energy, but their electricity is three times more costly than ours. Many industrial jobs were lost as companies moved their factories to other countries. Our natural gas reserves are tremendous, and the cost is very low, but environmentalists demand only wind, solar and giant storage batteries. They are unwilling to admit there will be serious costs 20 years later when the reliables need to be recycled. Turbine blades, solar panels and lithium batteries, with their hazardous wastes, need to be properly disposed of. History has shown major climate changes. During global cooling (the Dark Ages), people were starving because the crop growing season was too short. Many wars and the plague caused the deaths of millions. Then came the Renaissance (global warming) with a great food supply, fewer wars and great advances in art, science, music and the great life. Our continued use of fossil fuels will not end the world in the next 10 years.

Don Buck, Zumbrota

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