In response to Ms. Basset's op-ed of April 30, I would like to identify what I think to be the real issue that this op-ed did not bring forth, and that is the difference between compassionate financial help to those having unexpected calamity and reckless dollar assistance to those whose careless budgetary planning has brought them close to or even into bankruptcy.

Many states, blue or red, have sound dollar constraints in place, one of the best examples of which is our own Minnesota, whose laws require a balanced budget every two years and whose current $1.5 billion surplus is the envy of many. Kudos to us! (Contrast that with Illinois, currently having $194.2 billion in unfunded liability.)

We should help those communities suffering from unexpected emergencies with our hard-earned tax dollars but avoid subsidizing irresponsible monetary management.

Perhaps the PB reader should do an internet search for those areas doing poorly and why and what the remedy should be.

David L. Naylor, Rochester