What is the true cost of shutting down economies of entire cities, states, and nations in the name of temporarily curbing COVID-19?

The first-level effects brought on by global lockdowns include substantial loss of income for families, the closing of small businesses, deep losses for larger businesses, new individual and family stressors, increased cases of depression, suicide, substance abuse, and domestic abuse.

Second-level effects will include disruptions in supply chains, death from untreated non-COVID-19 health issues, deep recession, increased crime, tribalism, nationalism, hunger, and rekindled geopolitical conflict.

Third-level effects will include newly collapsed economies, newly failed states, bad global actors making geopolitical moves, global depression, famine and increased armed conflict leading to global warfare.

To be clear, this is the current trajectory if we stay the lockdown course.

Let’s be honest, there are many more kinds of suffering and ways to die than by a single novel virus that will likely A) Have a vaccine in 24 months. B) Be a seasonal event. C) Decrease in severity over time and D) Has a current survival rate north of 90%.

So are we really willing to throw the entire globe under the bus for this? Aren’t we merely trading lives today in order to “do something” and feel in control of the uncontrollable? And if so, to what end?

The true cost of continued lockdowns could easily outweigh and outlast whatever we believe we are saving and do so on a scale that is terrifying to imagine.

Jeff Bell, Rochester