According to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gina McCarthy, CEO and president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, our current EPA under Donald Trump's leadership is making the effects of COVID-19 much worse by its more relaxed rules for carbon emissions, etc.

I had no problems with the article until the very end when they said, "We must demand that our elected officials put people, not polluters, first." Excuse me. Since when are there two camps here, polluters and people? Polluters are people and people are polluters, all 330 million of us in this country.

The creation of air pollution as it relates to respiratory problems in people along with its contributing role in the phenomena of global warming is not something that is caused by someone else. We have all contributed to this to one degree or another. Yet, as is typical, we humans have this need to blame our own self-created problems on someone else. And when it come time to solve these problems, we want that done by someone else as well.

John McCormick, Rochester