Getting fed up with being demonized because, wait for it, I am a Democrat. This country was founded on freedom of pretty much everything. As I see it, there are only a few differences between Us and Them.

I believe everyone (even women) deserves equal pay. I believe in collective bargaining to ensure a fair and safe workplace with a good future for every employee. I believe a woman is capable to make important choices about issues that are personal to her. I believe that the church (any church) is good but if they don’t pay taxes, they shouldn’t be allowed to make public policy. I believe in helping out my fellow man or woman.

To my fellow Americans who are also Republicans, I believe it is time for us to find common ground for the sake of everyone. Our elected leaders can’t do the jobs that every one of them swore to do: Work for all the people and the betterment of our country. Their constant war cries of us against them are creating a situation that even our children won’t be able to fix. This won’t be North against South. It will be neighbor against neighbor. They will only worry about the next election cycle. One more thing I find disturbing. Wouldn’t it be nice if we saw results from our leaders and didn't care if there were a D or R after their name?

Dave Bainter, Oronoco