Think about this. With some obvious exceptions, you don’t see people who earn enough to reasonably support themselves and maybe a family, actively engaged in criminal activities.

Other studies show it costs less to address the causes leading to homelessness, than it does to deal with people once they end up in this situation. Addressing the needs of people with mental illness is more effective at a lower cost when done from a mental-health-centered perspective than involving the police. And the examples go on.

Did we follow the more costly approach because we didn’t know any better? No, we elected people with racist and prejudiced ideas who knew exactly what they were doing.

We can only imagine how much greater our country would have been if the strivings and talents of so many generations had been greeted with an open rather than a locked door.

So, fiscal conservatives, now you’re aware that there might be better and cheaper ways to structure the systems of our democracy. Those seeking social justice are standing up for change. Will you speak up as well?

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Edward Cohen, Rochester