In 2014, the US government issued a memorandum to stop testing with, shall we call it, "germ warfare." We were told we needed it because the enemy might have it. The memorandum came after 75 CDC scientists were accidentally exposed to anthrax, and 16 vials of deadly smallpox from these labs were later found out of the labs and no one knew how they got there.

Fast forward to February 2019 from Vox News and also Science Magazine, then in Forbes on March 4, 2019. These news sources said that the memorandum had been lifted and two new studies were to be started in spring 2019. These were to genetically modify bird flu such as H5N1 to make it infect humans, be more virulent, and spread faster and easier. The reasoning was, understanding it would make us safer from future pandemics. Wow! Making the 1918 pandemic more dangerous for our safety. How would you ever test something like this on humans?

Fast forward to today. Trump is president, we live in the USA, and life is great!

Steve Walters, Oronoco