Headlines matter. They shape the tone and point of view of every article in a newspaper. We are sure they are sometimes difficult to write. But, why in the world would the headline about Stewartville Teachers say "Not All Stewartville Teachers are Ready To Come to Class" when 90% of the survey results say that the staff of Stewartville Public Schools is overwhelmingly willing to risk their health to do a job they love?

The headline literally promoted the opposite understanding of the actual data. It is very hard to understand that editorial decision.

Respectfully, the headline should have read, "Stewartville teachers are overwhelmingly willing to risk their lives to teach." That headline would have accurately captured the responses in the teacher survey – a survey that no teachers in Stewartville knew or imagined would be published in the area's largest newspaper.

Again, more than 90% of Stewartville educators are thinking of their students more than of their own health and safety. That is your headline and that is the reality for teachers in Stewartville and all around the country.

Stewartville United Educators

Steph Affeldt and Dave Honsey, co-presidents