To my fellow citizens: Please ignore any and all health information coming from the political leadership of our country regarding the COVID-19 epidemic.

You may choose to vote to re-elect the current leadership (it is your free choice), but if you value your health and life, and those of your loved ones and neighbors, you should ignore everything they say about the pandemic, because they are routinely, knowingly, and flagrantly lying about it. The epidemic is not behind us, it is very much in front of us. Florida, Texas, Arizona and California and other states are on the verge of a New York level emergency. Testing is still not adequate and is not the reason for the increasing number of cases. The virus is not 99% harmless, and even if the survival rate is going up, the virus is still causing hundreds of thousands of long hospitalizations, suffering, and long-term effects.

Young people are not immune to the adverse effects, including fatal ones. An effective vaccine may or may not be available by early next year. Hydroxychloroquine and disinfectants are not safe and effective therapies for the disease.

The virus is not a hoax, perpetrated by left-wing fanatics. It is not mitigated by hot weather. It will not magically go away or disappear. It does not confine itself to “blue states.” Vote according to your conscience, but please ignore all health “information” coming from the national political leadership -- your life and health depend on it.

Kent Bailey, Rochester