In Monday’s Med-City Beat Ward 2 debate, Mike Wojcik defended his right to be uncivil. He justifies this position by hijacking the women’s suffrage and social justice phrase, “Civility is the tool of the privileged.” The phrase is often put another way, “Civility is the tool of the oppressor.”

For decades it was demanded that women and people of color stay in their place, be patient, don’t rock the boat, etc. He is way out of line to justify his bad behavior by misusing words meant to advocate for social justice.

He needs a social justice lesson. It’s OK to heatedly defend yourself and others when you are the victim of racism. When you are oppressed it's ok to be uncivil. Civility is not defined as bullying to get your own way because it benefits your personal politics. Civility is not defined as mocking, belittling or propagating vicious lies at the expense of those you were elected to represent.

It was simply bad behavior that led to Councilman Wojcik’s censure by the city council and to be called “unprofessional” by the ethics board. Be on notice everyone: when Councilman Wojcik willfully misuses “civility is the tool of the privileged”, he gives himself license to be the oppressor himself.

His grandstanding on the graves of brave civil rights warriors is disgusting. Worse is the absolute silence by his colleagues on the city council.

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Logan Stewart, Rochester