It’s clear who they are: those folks who insist they have a constitutional right to behave as self-righteous spoiled brats. You see them unmasked in the most crowded and public of places.

“No one’s gonna tell me what to … blah blah blah,” they boast.

My friend was wounded twice in Vietnam, was sprayed with Agent Orange and is coping now with COPD. He addresses the protesters’ claims as follows: “True. It is a little harder breathing through a mask … especially when you have only one lung.”

He and I have many words for the maskless: selfish, thoughtless, brazen, ignorant … and mostly, “un-American,” for above all, their behaviors expose them as bad citizens. How do you rebuild a country with persons who will not suffer even minor discomfort to assist in stopping a pandemic? Whose rallying cry is “Party on” while the elderly, the infirm, the wounded — including their parents and grandparents — are forced to remain shuttered? After all, a masked community would allow our most vulnerable populations to leave their cells, to regain some of the freedoms we all aspire to.

Through our masks my friend and I regard these people with pity, contempt, and a sadness bordering on despair. We know our views are not misdirected, for it’s obvious now who the bad guys are … and, fortunately, the good guys, too.

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Benj Mahle, Plainview