The irony (re: piece subtitled "2 protests in Pine Island, but still still no message about what needs to change") in the discrepant amount of space allotted Sheriff Marty Kelly and his befuddlement at the Black Lives Matter protests in Pine Island in contrast to the little room provided for the BLM protest organizers' viewpoints is remarkable.

What needs to change? Consider, at a minimum, the decision of the Pine Island Fire Department to fly a "Blue Lives Matter" flag days after a black man was murdered by a policeman who knelt on his neck while posing, as if with a trophy deer. Or language like that of Sheriff Kelly's: "Those protesters, they didn't offer any ideas even how we can fix what they think is wrong." Did the reporter or Sheriff Kelly consider the specific requests and concerns offered by the protest organizers that are clearly stated at the end of the article?

This front page "news" reflects so much that needs to change, the piece itself a shallow and irresponsible one that only serves to diminish the work of courageous individuals activating for change in the face of systemic racism – that which permeates every community, large and small. We've all work to do, and the harm in neglecting that personal and societal responsibility has never been clearer than in this moment.

Erin Nystrom, Oronoco