I listened to this past weekend’s Chris Wallace interview with President Trump. Of the many points that call out for comment, I’ll limit myself to one that keeps cropping up:

Right out of the gate, President Trump once again trotted out the idea that statistics on U.S. COVID-19 rates of infection are a result of testing. Somehow, testing causes COVID infection.

In another context, this would be taken as a joke:

Hey, how do you prevent teenage pregnancy? Don’t subject young girls to pregnancy tests, it’s the tests that give you undesirable results. How do we eliminate sexual abuse by clergy? Don’t investigate claims.

(Yes, distasteful examples, but I bet they caught your attention. I’m sorry, but it seems necessary.)

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No, as the comedians say, I will not be here all week, and I won’t give up my day job. I don’t think any of this is particularly funny.

Why do people continue to stand for this Monty Pythonesque inversion of logic when American lives are being lost and every aspect of our national life is so disrupted?

I understand the tendency of people to give undue credibility to statements made by celebrities, but in most cases, it’s just a matter of entertainment.

I don’t think the pandemic and our national response to it is one of these cases.

Dale E. Heltzer, Rochester