Thank you to Bari Amadio for her guest column detailing the city council member and mayor salaries for Rochester and similar Minnesota cities. I don’t recall seeing any of this information when elected officials were considering raising their salaries last year. After seeing the salary information for the other seven cities, I can see why. The increased salary for Rochester council members is now three to four times the salaries of these other cities. We are not anywhere close to being comparable to Minneapolis or St. Paul regardless of what some current city council members want to think.

Ms. Amadio also points out that we have a professional city administrator with an annual salary of nearly $200,000. This position and numerous other full-time city staff positions are the reason the city council position is properly considered to be a part-time position and should be compensated accordingly. If council members choose to work longer hours, that is their choice. And if Mr. Wojcik wants to be paid like Minneapolis City Council members, he can move there and run for office.

Mike Adkins, Rochester