Rochester is lucky to have Sen. Carla Nelson, chair of the E12 Finance and Policy Committee and a leading advocate for education in Minnesota.

On July 20, Sen Nelson authored and presented Senate Resolution 5. It is/was simple: Allow decisions for the 2020-2021 school year to be made at the local level in the hands of local, expert teams of superintendents, administrators and school boards.

Why is this important? As discussed on the Senate floor, we know that a "one size fits all" approach doesn't maximize our delivery. We know that a district in Hibbing is not the same, nor does it have the same needs, as a district in Minneapolis. We know that our districts know their strengths and opportunities better than anyone. We know that we will need daily flexibility to adjust – to open/pause/close/resume depending on inevitable, unique circumstances. We do that during flu season. We do that during norovirus outbreaks.

Senate Resolution 5 passed the Senate floor, but not without heated debate and accusations of "Republican senators who side with Trump instead of our governor." In my opinion, this resolution has nothing to do with sides. It has everything to do with doing better for our students.

On July 31, one man will decide about schools for one Minnesota. Sen. Nelson is right about local control. We all need to lean in together and support our kids based on good, non-partisan ideas. Our kids are counting on us.

Winnie Martin, Edina