Wait on that absentee ballot! The popularity of mail-in voting has changed the timelines for campaigns and may result in uninformed votes. Here is how I am approaching my vote and why: I am requesting an absentee ballot today and then holding that ballot until after July 31. Here’s why.

July 31 is the last campaign finance reporting deadline before the Aug. 11 primary. Numerous city candidates for Wards 2, 4 and 6 — and especially the council president seat — have been talking a lot about being “for people” and representing “everybody.” It’s all very easy to say. But the campaign finance reports will tell the truth. You can talk all you want about being for change or being for “all” of Rochester, but finance reports reveal which interests in Rochester think their values align with yours, and who is supporting your campaign behind all the talk. Wait to see those reports, then mail in (or drop off) your ballot as a fully informed voter knowing what values your vote is supporting.

Also, an easy way to request a ballot is through the www.becauserochester.com website. And remember, because of COVID-19, there is no witness requirement for registered voters for the Aug. 11, state primary and that the Olmsted County Elections Office is in a new location at 2122 Campus Dr. SE, Suite 300, not at the fairgrounds.

Abe Sauer, Rochester