A recent published argument about city council compensation needs clarification at least! Other cited cities are not really comparable, Rochester's budget is nearly three times greater than St Cloud and the others are much less. Our population is a third greater than the next cities, many of them are fighting declining population rather than rapidly growing with all that means, and no others are planning for and managing for the DMC growth!

In the interest of accuracy, Duluth, with about two thirds our population, an equal budget, and anchoring a bigger metro area, pays its council just over $13,000. Go figure!

Oh, the county board pays itself $49,000 in 2020.

I would rather see the council, and county board, represent the diversity of the area. The argument is that better pay makes this possible, the county board compensation suggests this may not be true. However, board candidates this year are younger and modestly diverse; the council races have attracted a lot of candidates this year, and they are younger and diverse!

The city council manages some $330 million dollars. What is that worth in compensation? They do little and big things that impact us, changing zoning in your neighborhood, what is that decision that impacts your home worth? How many late evenings, how many neighborhood discussions, how many other committee meetings and public gatherings?

Ray Schmitz, Rochester