I am writing in response to the opinion expressed by Dr. Patricia Price regarding Steve De Boer's 50-year running streak. I find it disappointing that she cannot see beyond her profession and treatment of individuals with mental dysmorphic disorders and applaud a healthy care provider with a lifelong goal to accomplish, for his dedication and discipline.

Having a goal makes life worth living, adding quality, the opportunity for personal improvement, and positivity and richness every day. Steve said it himself, that if he is not able to continue with his streak, though he will be saddened, it isn't the end of the world. But he is capable, and has been in times of adversity, to continue working on this five-decade-old goal.

His goal is to run at least one mile every day. It isn't as though he felt compelled to run eight miles around his hospital bed or on a broken ankle. And he felt OK. If he can, he does. What is so wrong or unhealthy about that?

Personally, I find Steve's dedication and perseverance to be inspiring. I am a runner, too. And I don't have a dysmorphic disorder. I am healthy and I have goals. And seeing Steve running around the city, and reading about Steve's goals makes me want to try just a little harder every day to fulfill my own goals.

The line between mentally unhealthy and dedicated is a lot wider than this psychologist believes, in my humble opinion.

Stacia Kautzer, Oronoco