Big decisions need to be made in order to help the future of Northern Minnesota. The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt this part of the state more than most areas. With people stuck inside due to restrictions, the yearly tourism boost that usually helps us here has drastically dropped off.

One thing the state could do to help us here – without having to raise taxes - is to commit to large construction projects that are ready to go, like the Line 3 Replacement Project.

The Line 3 Replacement Project should already be under construction. Its value has been proven over and over, yet it is still being held up by bureaucrats playing politics.

This oil needs to be transported safely, and this project will bring more than 4,000 jobs and $2 billion to Northern Minnesota. Enbridge has committed to transporting oil the safest way possible through Minnesota on their own dime.

Now it is time for Gov. Walz and other state agencies to stop delaying things and commit to helping the people of Northern Minnesota.

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Greg J. Gallas, Rochester