Are you worried that students and staff might die from COVID-19 when school starts next month? Let’s look at Minnesota Dept. of Health data to get a realistic perspective regarding this question.

As of Aug. 22, 8,975 COVID-19 cases in children ages 5-19 had been reported. Gratefully, 100% survived. Among adults younger than 60, 47,136 cases have been reported, and 99.7% have survived. If cases living in long-term care facilities are removed from the adult dataset, the survival rate is even higher.

The existential purpose of a virus is to infect mammals, so don’t be surprised when some students and staff become infected with COVID-19 despite best practices to prevent transmission. Be reassured that based on the Minnesota experience thus far, the odds of surviving the infection are remarkably good.

Maria K. Poirier, Rochester

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