OK, we have Rep. Jim Hagedorn using tax dollars to praise himself prior to the elections, legal but tacky! But he spent lots of money, more than others! A reporter took a deeper look and discovered that part of the money was spent on a company that his staffer had part ownership of, an ethics no-no!

Then he fires his chief of staff for administrative irregularities!

The reporter looks further at the other company that had a $200,000 share of the spending! It is a corporation that was just started using do-it-yourself software online, but has been cleverly designed to prevent knowledge of owners being public! Would he really trust this campaign to an unknown operation? Sounds like political cronies and political favors at best! Should the FBI political corruption unit be doing this investigation!

The congressman says he has no knowledge of all this, routine admin matters! Now he hires a big-time DC attorney to investigate, of course now any disclosure will be controlled by the congressman!

Does all of this smell funny? What is at the end of the public dollar fountain! Who profits? Would Hagedorn really not look at his budget? Would these contracts not have been discussed with him? If not, shouldn't he have been responsible for doing so?

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There needs to be a public investigation now!

Ray Schmitz, Rochester