Much is being said over the “mail in ballot” issue. What has transpired thus far in multiple places around the country? Ballots not delivered, ballots not filled out properly, multiple ballots being delivered to people, etc. How confident can a person be that the ballot they drop in the mail is delivered and counted? Who is receiving your ballot?

Also, God forbid, we have a situation such as the one that occurred on Oct. 25, 2002, when a plane crashed and took the life of Paul Wellstone 11 days before the election. If a person mailed their ballot in early and voted prior to Oct. 25, 2002, could they vote again? Should they? Does anyone know for sure?

Then the 2008 US Senate election between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. A close election initially won by Coleman, but after eight months of recounts, ballots “discovered” in a trunk of a car and long legal battles, Minnesota finally had a senator that gave us “Obamacare.” A secretary of state, a few lawyers and the courts decided that election, not the citizens. Can anyone imagine the chaos and legal battles following mail in ballots? We may not know who won or lost for days, weeks, months or even years!

The one sure way of making sure your vote counts is to go to the polls on Election Day and cast your vote where you can be assured and confident that your vote is properly filled out and is counted. This “pandemic” doesn’t stop people from standing in line to shop, so it shouldn’t stop anyone from going to their polling place to cast their vote on Nov. 3, 2020.

The future of our state and our nation is at stake!

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Roger Baumann, Wabasso