I’m Hailey, and I am 10 years old. I want to tell you how I feel about racism.

First of all, Black people are just like white people. They act like us, they talk like us, they eat like us, they are us. There is no difference.

So why in the world are people thinking whites are better? They aren’t! We are all the same. People are protesting because they think it’s wrong. It is wrong! And police and other people want the protesters to go away! Why? Good question. I don’t know.

There was a man named Jacob Blake, walking back to his minivan and his kids. He was wearing a mask too! As he opened his car door, two police grabbed his shirt and shot him seven times in front of his own kids. It’s horrible isn’t it? Jacob is now paralyzed forever. It just makes me cry thinking about it.

The police shot him because Jacob said he had a knife. Really? He’s probably just protecting his kids because he knows about racism. But it could be also for any of the other multiple ideas. We have a pocket knife in our car for convenience. Just imagine your father getting shot by police because he had a knife! It is horrible.

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I just want to pray for all the Black people in the world.

Hailey Thompson, Byron