Anyone taking a firearms course learns the importance of the safety. It must be on until you’re preparing to fire, even if you are sure the weapon is not loaded. The safety is there to prevent accidental discharge that could harm you or another. It’s a matter of personal responsibility.

This analogy works for the pandemic. A mask is your safety. The bullets are now the virus that may be in you. People must wear a mask when required inside or when physical distancing is necessary but not possible.

We hear the virus called our enemy. War-like terms are employed. The president calls himself a war-time president. Does that make us all fellow combatants against a common enemy? If it does, then true Americans help out and avoid harming their fellow combatants.

During a war, we must put up with what it will take to win that war. Ask anyone who lived through WWII what they had to accept. Everyone did their part. Anyone who shirked their duty was ostracized, or worse.

Americans are blessed with freedom of choice. Now we are asked to use our freedom to choose those actions that will prevent harming others, win the war and put us on the path towards economic recovery.

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So for the sake of our country, pitch in and cover up.

Edward Cohen, Rochester