Jacob Blake fought with police officers. He shrugged off getting tased. He ignored instructions to hold still. Then he reached into his car, where the police couldn’t tell if there was a weapon. The police told him to stop. But he reached in the car anyway.

But none of that matters. Celebrities, athletes, and politicians leave that part out and describe Jacob Blake as an innocent man who was climbing into his car when the police attacked him for no reason.

So is it any surprise that in Compton California, a man walked up to a squad car and shot two deputies? One was a 31-year-old mother. She was shot through the jaw. Listen to the recording of her calling dispatch to report the shooting. She has a hard time talking because of the blood.

After the officers were rushed to the hospital, protesters gathered to cheer for the officer’s deaths.

Any surprise here? After months of vilifying police? Of allowing rioters to pelt police with rocks? Of allowing rioters to burn police precincts to the ground?

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Want real heroes? Look at the police.

Philip Araoz, Rochester